A Columnist’s View of West Marin

Point Reyes Outing. Originally uploaded by _e.t

Jon Carroll of the San Francisco Chronicle is a terrific writer and he muses about his visit to West Marin.  It is a worth a read, especially if you want the good sense of the area. 

re: “espresso-free establishment” sign at the Bovine Bakery

West Marin is at the cutting edge of many new beverage trends, and the Bovine Bakery is at the cutting edge of the cutting edge. Did the sign mean that the Great Latte Bubble has burst? Was the zeitgeist shaking its furry head and moving on to other forms of caffeine? Chai, anyone?

re: The commotion at the Point Reyes Light

The editor who ran that story, Dave Mitchell, recently sold the paper to Robert Plotkin. Then, in a quiet sort of way, all hell broke lose.

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