Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich. In Point Reyes?

At the Point Reyes Farmers Market, I’ve been too busy looking at produce and cheese to try out the grilled cheese sandwich vendor. Strange since I love grilled cheese sandwiches!

Luckily, the folks at Sunset gave it a try and declared the “best grilled cheese on the planet.”  Here’s what’s in it:

Two slices of locally-baked Brickmaiden wholewheat bread slathered with Straus sweet butter and pressed with Bravo Farm cheddar (available from Cowgirl Creamery), and, this is the best part, one Point Reyes Station egg, fried.

Next time I am at the market, you can be sure I will be on line.

UPDATE: Well, I tasted the three types: just cheese, with egg, and with caramelized onions. They were very decadent and delicious.

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