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Autumn – Point Reyes Weekend

Category: <span>Autumn</span>

Thanksgiving Weeked 2008

After a big day of eating turkey and hanging out with the family, it’s time to flex your arms and legs and work off the second helping of stuffing!  Head out to Point Reyes. Here are some great things to do: See if the fish are spawning; check for updates and tours at SPAWN (Salmon…

Point Reyes and Tomales Bay in September

I love visiting Point Reyes and Tomales Bay (as well as most of Northern California) in September. The crowds are thinner and the weather is warmer as the fog doesn’t dominate nearly as much as in the early summer. Check out our weather page and plan to come out!

Tule Elk Rutting Season

facing off by artolog Every season, there is something unqiue to do at Point Reyes.  In the early fall, it is the tule elk rutting (mating) season.  The rutting, best seen along Pierce Point Road and out on Tomales Point, can be a terrific sight as males bugle (a high-pitched cry from the males) and battle each…