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Photos – Page 2 – Point Reyes Weekend

Category: <span>Photos</span>

Photo of the Weekend – 2008-12-22

A wonderful aerial shot of the Point Reyes peninsula from the Drakes Bay side. Aerial View of the Peninsula, originally uploaded by jebrandt99.

Photos of the Weekend 2008-11-24

The Los Angeles Times does a nice story on a visit to Nick’s Cove and Tomales Bay.  They also have a terrific set of photos.  The writer had a great time; his summary of Nick’s Cove: “Nick’s Cove is so marvelous that you can easily imagine spending a whole weekend without leaving the premises.”

Photo of the Weekend – 2008-09-29

A fun and different view of the Point Reyes Lighthouse (reflected off the lenses of a park ranger’s sunglasses). Photo by Harold Davis

Photo of the Weekend – 2008-09-08

A terrific shot of the Tule Elk at the Point Reyes National Seashore. Photo by Jerry Ting

Photo of the Weekend – 2008-08-17

This is how I like to experience Point Reyes! Tea & Pt. Reyes, originally uploaded by Briana Robertori.

Photo of the Weekend – 2008-08-10

PICT1714 – Culture Can’t Swim, originally uploaded by H2ORANGE.

Photo of the Weekend – 2008-08-03 (revisited)

A lovely moody shot of Pierce Point Ranch. Point Reyes CA, originally uploaded by dgray_xplane.

Photo of the Weekend – 2008-07-27

Point Reyes Oak Tree, originally uploaded by Charlene Burge.

Photo of the Weekend – 2008-07-20

Click on this panoramic of Alamere Falls for a bigger version. Alamere Falls Panorama, originally uploaded by tychay.

Photo of the Weekend – 2008-07-13

Sunset at McClures Beach, originally uploaded by Pat Ulrich.