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Photo of the Weekend – 2008-07-06

I love this photo; it captures Tomales Bay perfectly for me! Lump Sum of Our Lives, originally uploaded by Miwok..

Photo of the Weekend – 2008-06-29

Cypress Tree Tunnel, originally uploaded by geckonia.

Photo of the Weekend – 2008-06-22

This one really calms me down; I can look at it all day. Wild Oats, originally uploaded by gcquinn.

Photo of the Weekend – 2008-06-15

Drake’s beach, Point Reyes at sunset, originally uploaded by canbalci.

Photo of the Weekend – 2008-06-08

McClures Beach, Point Reyes, originally uploaded by Buck Forester.

Photo of the Weekend: Abbott’s Lagoon

Taken earlier this year, a peaceful stroll overlooking Abbott’s Lagoon.

Point Reyes From Above: Aerial Photos

As a quick follow-on to my earlier post on Robert Campbell’s Aerial Photos, I wanted to show some examples of his work. I think they’re terrific. Photos by Robert Campbell

Photos Dotted Across A Point Reyes Map

Google Maps has a way to look at photos taken around Point Reyes. Have a look; it’s lots of fun.

Photo of the Weekend: McClure’s Beach

Photo of the Weekend: Rush Hour

Actually taken a few weeks ago.  Also, it was a Tuesday.  Around 6:30pm.  So never mind the title of the post.  Peaceful evening, though.