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Sights and sounds of Point Reyes

Terrific footage of the wilderness the Point Reyes National Seashore has to offer.

Mid July at Point Reyes

Wonderful time to be outside; here’s the latest from the National Park Service on Point Reyes: The treasure of the day being turned into Bear Valley Visitor center is shed snake skins, mostly from gopher snakes. Unlike other critters, snakes shed their whole skin in one continuous piece; it helps remove bacteria and parasites. They

Winter in the Park

The latest from the National Park Service: High surf has been pounding the beaches, they appear much smaller in winter as sand is carried to offshore bars. Safety first, do no turn your back on the waves and walk halfway up the beach, not near the water. A pair of coyotes were spotted at South

Life on the Edge: Special Winter Wildlife Events

Winter in Point Reyes often focuses on the wildlife. And the Park Service is partnering with local organizations to present a special week of events that focuses on wildlife and the area’s maritime heritage. Activities include field trips, slideshows, films, talks, volunteer field events, and special dinners. You can the schedule below or at the

Drakes Estero Oyster Farm: Hear Both Sides

For the last few years, there has been a pretty good controversy about the oyster farm located at Drakes Estero. The lease for the farm expires in a few years and battle lines have been drawn about the renewal of such a lease. Scott Shafer of KQED’s Forum moderated a lively debate among these guests:

Springtime means critters! Harbor seals, plovers, owls, herons and bats

What’s happening in the park in early May 2009. So far this year, one snowy plover nest is being monitored. Enclosures of string and metal fencing along the Great Beach are reminders of where they are attempting to nest, please avoid these areas, look for the annual closures signs especially from Kehoe Beach South to

Photo: Sea Lion

Great shot of a scooting sea lion across Limantour. Photo courtesy of Jef Poskanzer

Elephant Seals at Point Reyes

This weekend (Jan 18), we went out to Drakes’ Beach and saw some elephant seals up close and personal. One camped himself right next to parking lot; the one in the picture was about 3/4 miles south. To see elephant seals at Point Reyes, get yourself to Drake’s Beach. From there, you can take the

Elephant Seals at Point Reyes: One-Minute Video

The folks at do a compelling, peaceful one-minute video of the elephant seals at Point Reyes. via

Audubon Canyon Ranch Is Open For Egrets and Huron Watching

As readers of this blog know, I enjoy visiting Audubon Canyon Ranch (see previous post). Well, the ranch is open for visitors until mid-summer. Here’s what they say: Bring a picnic and hike the 8 miles of trails. Donations appreciated. Open weekends and holidays: 10 am – 4 pm Tuesday through Friday by appointment only