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Windy – Point Reyes Weekend

Category: <span>Windy</span>

Going to the Point Reyes beaches? Is it foggy, windy, sunny?

Those of us who live in Northern California know how different the weather can be from one part of the region to another. If you are heading to the Point Reyes Lighthouse or its beaches, you make sure that you check out the terrific web page from National Park Service Air Quality Department. Not only…

Windy in Point Reyes? Fly A Kite!

Have you spent 20, 30, 90 minutes driving to a Point Reyes beach only to be sand blasted by huge gusts of winds?  I have.  Many times.  That’s why I stick a kite in the car.  Flying a kite is at once peaceful and fun.  You can help but smile while flying a kite.  I suggest…