FACES: Jessica, Park Guide, at Abbott’s Lagoon

This is part of the FACES SERIES, where we take quick snapshots of the people you meet on your visit to Point Reyes and West Marin.

This is the second year we’ve run into Jessica, who is a Park Guide for the National Park Service.  She greets visitors at the trailhead of Abbott’s Lagoon during the snowy plover nesting season, educating us on sights to see as well as making us aware of the nests of the threatened snowy plovers

Jessica at Abbott's Lagoon

who: Jessica
role: Park Guide
where: Abbott’s Lagoon trailhead
favorite place in area: Abbott’s Lagoon
most interesting thing she’s seen in the area: Jessica spent two years living at the Point Reyes Lighthouse(cool!) and saw many whales migrating past the point.