Getting FAR FAR Away (Marin Lost Coast)…

Only on the busiest beaches on the busiest holidays on gorgeous days does Point Reyes feel crowded. But if you really want to get away from it all and explore the unspoiled coasts of Point Reyes, you will have to read the article and terrific audio slideshow from the Marin Independent Journal.

Rick Polito of the MarinIJ chronicles his 15-mile hike from the Palomarin trailhead to Limantour Beach:

People have always been a part of Marin’s Lost Coast, but the equation has consistently tilted away from humanity’s crush. The Miwok came here, but only seasonally, to collect horseneck clams and moon snails, gather mussels where the creeks meet the sea. The steep ridges separated the area from much of the dairy activity in Olema Valley.


Photo from Marin Independent Journal
I have only hiked part of this 15-mile stretch but I can attest that it is a terrific way to see the most unspoiled parts of the coast.