Hanging On To Authenticity

I am always shocked when I meet people who were born in the Bay Area or who have lived here for many years and who have never been to Point Reyes. To me, Point Reyes is still an authentic rural area. But it’s fair to worry that it can tip over and become a Carmel or a Napa-like getaway. That is the subject of this article on Weekend America. A snippet:

Geologically speaking, there has not been much dramatic change to this place since the earthquake of 1906. But in the last few years, the town itself has gone through a continental shift from mostly cow-town to mostly tourist… All the actual cows are gone.

Many of the older locals used to say that when the cows left — taking the smell and the flies with them — that would be the end of Point Reyes Station.

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Photo credit: Krissy Clark