Just Like Big Sur, Only Better

I love a new outsider’s point of view of the Point Reyes area and the North Coast in general.  Places and activities that a frequent visitor can get used to become special again.  A few excerpts from “Going Coastal” by Washington Post writer Cindy Loose:

…the portion of the northern California coast we toured is so spectacular, only the most jaded, nature-hating traveler would fail to have such perfect moments. Children are generally fairly immune to beautiful scenery. But during a four-day driving trip north of San Francisco, from Point Reyes to Mendocino on routes 1 and 101, I repeatedly hear the word “wow” coming from the back seat, from the mouth of my 12-year-old.

Regarding a tour of the Point Reyes Farmstead:

The two girls are so impressed, they decide that blue cheese, which they formerly hated, is really good. But only, of course, if it’s from Point Reyes. Luckily, it turns out Whole Foods carries the brand.

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