Lovely Trip to Audubon Canyon Ranch

Twice already this year, we have taken trips to Audubon Canyon Ranch. In the mix were boys between the ages of 6 and 8. During the spring and summer seasons, the highlight is watching the snowy egrets and great blue herons nest high up in the trees.

Snowy Egrets at Audubon Canyon Ranch

Photo by Michael Harrold

The birds are a beautiful sight: impossibly white against the lush green. They swoop from their nests every so often and it is a wonder that these gangly creatures can fly.

Later in the season (July if I remember from last year), the chicks also attempt to take flight.

The preserve is well run, with well-marked paths, places to picnic, lots of friendly and knowledgeable volunteer docents, and several well-equipped lookouts.

Watching birds at Audubon Canyon Ranch

Photo by Michael Harrold

Audubon Canyon Lookout

Photo by Michael Fitzhugh

The boys really enjoyed the ponds, where they can take nets and fish newts, tadpoles and bugs out of the pond water into buckets where they can take a closer look. The hunter instinct is strong in boys; they could have stayed at the ponds for hours.

Catching newts at Audubon Canyon Ranch

Photo by Michael Harrold


Photo by Michael Harrold

For those interested in birds, a nice quiet hike or have some kids to distract, this is a recommended stop in West Marin.

Map of Location | Web Site for Audubon Canyon Ranch

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