Lunch at Nick’s Cove

Many people have been anticipating the opening of Nick’s Cove. After all, it is the creation of Pat Kuleto, who also created several San Francisco classics, including Boulevard, Farallon and Jardiniere. In addition, the void left behind by Manka’s needed to be filled. The restaurant has been open about 5 weeks when I had lunch there recently.

Nick's Cove

I was a surprised by how casual it was. From the road, it did not stand out as anything special. Even the interior looked pretty ordinary at first glance. But I started to see, all around, many interesting, funny and thoughtful touches, such as a gorgeous open kitchen, stuffed animals of all types on the walls, a set of vintage condom packaging in the men’s room (no joke) and a beautiful family elevated table.

Nick's Cove: Interior 1

The food was mixed for my wife and me. We felt our soups were tasty but thin. Mary enjoyed her salmon very much but my hanger steak started to battle me with its toughness as I worked through it. Our sundae was tasty but nothing special. I should say this: I expected a meal that was special and exceptional. It was closer to very good.

Furthermore, the service was spotty (uncoordinated and unsure) and the music was a real distraction (80s pop-rock, including Bon Jovi, Brian Adams and Madonna).

But in the end, we had a pleasant lunch in the place with stunning views that will surely grow to be (if not already) a destination spot in West Marin. I wish Nick’s Cove the best of luck.

Nick's Cove Cottages: Street View

Nick's Cove Cottages: Water View

P.S. The cottages at Nick’s Cove are as cute as can be. They’ll run you a pretty penny ($350-$650 as of this writing) but staying on the water and looking at the Point Reyes Peninsula is truly special.

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Sep 09 2007 update: The San Francisco Chronicle reviews the restaurant and the cottages. The reviews are very positive.
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Location: 23240 Highway 1, Marshall, CA 94940 (click for map)
Web Site: (which includes a dinner menu)