Point Reyes Weekend

Market Talk: Wild Blue Farm

Market Talk is a series of interviews with the farmers and vendors of the Point Reyes Farmers Market.

The Wild Blue Farm stand at the Point Reyes Farmers Market is impossibly colorful with the produce looking much too good to eat.  Throughout the season, Wild Blue will offer everything from edible flowers to pumpkins to raspberries to tomatillos to lavender to beets and more. If you get to the market early, you will be treated a beautiful display of bounty. But hurry, Wild Blue sells their produce quickly.

Here’s our quick chat with Margie McDonald, who runs the farm with her husband Jack Corwin.

* Tell us about Wild Blue Farm
Wild Blue Farm is about 10 acres and we farm about 4. We bought the farm 10 years ago. There was only one very old apple tree here. Its about 75 years old and is an heirloom called Grimes Golden, the original Johnny Apple-seed apple.

* From your farm, what are the market-goers’ favorites?
The market customers love the raspberries, they are surreal.  They also love the beautiful 4 color carrots; purple, red, yellow and orange.  We also have beautiful, delicious and unusual winter squash. I love the strange looking ones.

* What are your best-kept secrets?
The best kept secret is the small seckel pear that we grow. When we bring it to market it only lasts a minute or two. People who know of this pear buy bags of it and the rest of our customers don’t even get to see it. We have planed a few more trees to meet the demand.

* What do you buy at the Point Reyes Farmers Market?
At the market I love to buy Peter Worsley’s heirloom tomatoes and fresh honey from Beekind.

Wild Blue Farm and Marin Organic are holding a tour of the farm on Sunday, July 26, 2009. See the Point Reyes calendar for more info.