Migrating gray whales; Bear Valley photo show; Abbots Lagoon dune restoration

What’s happening in the park in early March 2009.

Northern migrating gray whales are moving past the Lighthouse and Chimney Rock in large numbers – up to 10 an hour seen over the weekend days helped by the warm calm weather.

Elephant seal numbers continue to decline though a large bull parked himself in front of the visitor center at Drakes Beach much of Saturday afternoon. Females have begun returning to feeding areas near Hawaii and males to feeding areas near Alaska. The weaned pups linger on though early summer.

A public information session on the Abbots Lagoon Dune Restoration project is scheduled for Wednesday, March 11 at 6:30 in the Red Barn Classroom.

A new photography show at Bear Valley Visitor Center of wildlife images from the park by Galen Leeds is up through April.

These are highlights from the National Park ServiceĀ Park Wavelengths newsletter: