Park Wavelengths, 2008-06-03

The National Park Service publishes a newsletter about events, closures, natural history, and cultural history at Point Reyes. Here is the issue from 2008-06-03:

The full moon rises June 18 at 10:30 am with the summer solstice soon to follow on June 21st. The moon makes it lowest arc across the sky for this summer ‘Moon of Good Fishing’ for the Tlingit people.

Summer is just around the corner with the return of brown pelicans to the Lighthouse and Drakes Bay; the gopher hunting heron afield at Bear Valley and brush bunnies along roadways.

Scraps of scarlet along roadsides are ‘twinberry’, a native shrub – “the bracts, as the fruit ripens, turn a rosy red and set off the bug-eyed pair of shining black fruits to perfection’ (Roxana Ferris – Flowers of Point Reyes). The pink flowering stage of this plant draws hummingbirds, the fruits are not edible to humans but enjoyed by birds. Plenty of elderberry flowering along roadsides, light yellow clumps of flowers that will become berries by late summer.

Tule elk are calving now; typically the calves may be left resting by themselves while the mother is nearby nourishing herself on fresh grasses and shrubs. Males have their antlers in velvet. In order to remove the velvet, they’ll begin scratching and honing the antlers against brush and power poles in the reserve, preparing for late summer battles.

Marin County Parks and Open Space staff host a tidepooling expedition on Friday, June 6th at Agate Beach County Park from 9:00 am to 12 noon. Meet at the end of Overlook and Elm Road in Bolinas for one of the best daylight low tides of the year.

A permit has been issued for a wedding at Limantour Beach (60+ people) on Saturday June 7 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm; Expect some congestion in the parking lot in the afternoon.

New artwork on display at the Bear Valley Visitor Center is by Judith Corning, paintings of various scenes around the park.

Expect road closures this Sunday, June 7 in the town of Point Reyes Station; Highway 1 will be closed from approximately 12 noon through 1:00 pm for a local parade; traffic will be diverted onto side streets.

Thanks to the NPS Park Service.