Point Reyes Weekend

Park Wavelengths, 2008-07-01

The National Park Service publishes a newsletter about events, closures, natural history, and cultural history at Point Reyes. Here is the issue from 2008-07-01:

The new moon rises on July 2nd at 7:19 pm and the earth will be at aphelion on July 4th, the farthest point in its annual orbit of the sun – Some early morning daylight low tides occur:

Thursday, July 3rd 5:58 am -1.8 feet
Sunday, July 6th  8:13 am -0.8
Friday, July 4th 6:45 am -1.7 feet
Saturday, July 5th 7:30 am -1.3 feet

A tough summer for the snowy plovers but they are not giving up; 16 nests have been made with five hatched and 15 chicks but only one chick still alive.  There are hopes of four more chicks being hidden in a nest with dad.

Monkeyflowers are the latest wildflowers to bloom; look low alongside roadways for the bright yellow Seep Spring Monkeyflowers who like dampness; look higher up for the orange Sticky Monkeyflowers.

A permit for a training bike ride had been issued for Saturday July 12th at Bear Valley Picnic area. Expect some congestion as groups of bike riders move through the area to Abbots Lagoon in the morning.

Seal protection measures are lifted for this year – the annual closure of Drakes Estero and South Blue Gums Beach from March 1st to June 30th ended this week.

All park visitor centers are open Friday July 4th.  No fireworks are permitted in Marin County and in the national seashore.  Legal fireworks may be seen at the Marin County Fair – one of the park’s electric vehicles will be on display at the fair as part of 24 alternative fuel vehicles.

The free weekends in July shuttle bus between Olema Campground and Limantour Beach begins this weekend.  Schedules have been posted at the Olema Campground and at Bear Valley Visitor Center.

Saturday, July 5th park archivist Carol DeRooy and local historian Dewey Livingston will be signing copies of their new history picture guide to Point Reyes from 12:30 to 1:30 pm.

Thanks to the NPS Park Service.