Point Reyes: Come for the Cheese

point_reyes_bluePoint Reyes and the nice folks at the Cowgirl Creamery have made a cheese lover out of me (see a past post on the best grilled cheese sandwich ever).  So it was no surprise to see that two local cheeses on the SF Chronicle list of 10 iconic California cheeses. The two are the (1) Point Reyes Original Blue and (2) Red Hawk:

The only classic-style blue cheese made in California, Original Blue is produced by the Giacomini family with milk from their own cows. The four Giacomini daughters turned to cheesemaking nearly a decade ago as a way to preserve their West Marin farm. The rindless Original Blue has a dense, moist, creamy interior with threadlike blue veins; its flavor is robust, finishing with a buttermilk tang.

On the Red Hawk:

Made with cream-enriched organic cow’s milk from Marin County’s Straus Family Creamery, Red Hawk belongs to the category of smelly cheeses known as washed rinds… A ripe Red Hawk has the luscious texture characteristic of triple-cream cheeses and aromas of mushroom, earth and spice.

grilled_cheese_w_point_reyes_cheesesSo we have these two great cheeses and we now have grilled cheese sandwiches on the mind, so Morry Anne over at Fare to Remember comes to the rescue. She adds a hot dipping sauce to make a beautiful looking Hot Wing(less) Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Way to go!