Point Reyes Weekend

Returning Tomales Bay Further Back To Nature (Wetlands Restoration)

For many folks who come and visit the Point Reyes area, Tomales Bay is a near-perfect retreat.  Quiet, peaceful and full of animals. But the wetlands at the south end of the Bay were turned into ranch land some 60 years ago.  But after years of planning and months of work by the National Park Service, today saw the high tide breach the levees that formed the ranch land.

The NPS has a goal of keeping the Point Reyes area as close to “natural” as possible and this project will bring back much habitat to the wetlands, especially the fish (sturgeon, steelhead, chinook and coho salmon) and birds (almost half of the North American bird species pass through the area).

If you want to see the restored areas, here is information from the NPS web site:

Where can we view the restoration area?

The restoration project area can be viewed from several vantage points in the Point Reyes-Inverness area. Some of the existing trails may be temporarily or permanently closed during construction, however, most trails will be reopened once construction is completed. Trails and viewing points include:

For further reading on the project:

[UPDATE: Here is a photo from NPS taken by Robert Campbell.  It shows the extent of the new Giacomini Wetlands (560 acres).  This area in the photo has been diked for over 60 years until last weekend.]