Guest Letter: So I Love… My Farmers Market

This is a guest letter by Lyons Filmer, Point Reyes Farmers Market Steering Committee member.

A poem of gratitude, a letter of blessings – beautiful texts written about the special qualities we see in our everyday lives. Writings by West Marin School student Adrian Vega and farmer Sandy Dierks are my inspirations as this year’s Point Reyes Farmers Market readies to open on Saturday, June 27.

Point Reyes Farmers Market - Martinellis“So I love” my farmers market… in the town where I live, with farmers and vendors who come from nearby, selling what they’ve grown and made with care. I am blessed to know where this food comes from: lettuces from Paradise Valley soil nurtured by Dennis and Sandy Dierks…..Fresh Run romano beans from Peter Martinelli in Bolinas…..raspberries out of (the) Wild Blue of Tomales from Jack and Margie…..Jams and eggs from Susan Martinelli’s Creekside Garden…..Peter Worsley apples a hop-skip-and-a-tractor-ride from the mesa…..Lunny oysters straight from the briney in their snug-fitting jackets…..Sartori strawberries have no sartorial troubles, they come dressed in their juicy flesh…..Biodynamic herbs power Moonflowers’ creams and essences. I am blessed that these farmers consider soil and sun, wind, rain and micro-climate when choosing what and when to grow, that I may enjoy it all!

Katia and Doug of Beekind place their bees with careful intention; what’s in bloom to tempt their buzzing crew? What fruit is the ripest for this week’s tarts? That’s Sandra’s quest as Wedgewood Baker. Brickmaiden Celine raises dough (it’s faster than kids!) into loaves and baguettes. Windrush wools are vegetable-dyed, from sheep Mimi Luebbermann raises. I love Duck Derby quackers, kittens & Kathy from Planned Feralhood; MALT’s hikes and farm tours. Breakfast or lunch? Grilled cheese sandwiches, Mexican dishes, juices, teas, and coffees. Sit at picnic tables, enjoying wonderful music Carolyn Strausser arranges. Pick up ideas and tasty samples from guest chefs Amy Whelan choreographs. Star in a Richard James photo. And more & more……..

Point Reyes Farmers Market Baskets“So I love” these people, and all who attend my farmers market – schoolkids, tourists, house-husbands, bankers, teachers, tots, the grumpy and growly, the new-comers and old-timers, I look forward to them all. There’s Chris and Oscar, without whom……and market manager Bonnie Guttman, market sponsors Toby’s Feed Barn, Marin Organic, Point Reyes Books, the County of Marin.

What a place to be, my farmers market. “All this, so I love.” (Gracias, Adrian.)

Photos thanks to Richard James.