Tour of California To Bypass Point Reyes in 2009

Every year in the wintertime, I would grab a beach chair and find a space in Point Reyes Station and wait for the Tour of California to pass through. I would try to time it right, but inevitably I would wait for about 60-90 minutes and then many, many support cars come through, then a few bike leaders fly through and then the large group of bikers (peloton) whizzed by sounding like a torrid bunch of robot bees! It was brief and noisy but pretty cool.

The MarinIJ reports that the 2009 Tour of California will bypass West Marin next year.

Instead, the third stage of the nine-stage event will begin in Sausalito and immediately leave Marin, working its way across the Golden Gate Bridge and finishing in Santa Cruz. The stage is to take place on the Presidents Day holiday, Feb. 16. …the tour has targeted a race over the Golden Gate Bridge since the event started in 2006. He called it “a great gift” for cyclists to race across it. … For national and international television coverage for the event, racing over the Golden Gate Bridge is a scene-stealer. “One of the iconic images of Northern California is the Golden Gate Bridge, so to have the race actually going over the bridge is a coup for the race”…

That’s too bad, I looked forward to the race each year.

Photo Jef Poskanzer