Tule Elk Rut and Berry Season


What’s happening in the park in mid-summer 2009.

The first rumblings of the tule elk rut or breeding season – harems are being formed around bull elk; the male bugling sounds are being heard out at Tomales Point. The rut begins in early August and continues through the fall. Volunteers staff the trail on weekends to provide a closer look and answer questions.

Summer Berry time – the first ripe blackberries are appearing along roads and trails – both the native ‘Cutleaf’ and the exotic Himalaya berry! Scarlet Thimbleberries are ripening along the Bear Valley Trail and hairy Salmonberries along the lower Bayview Trail. Huckleberries appearing throughout Tomales Bay State Park though no reports from Old Pine Trail yet!

These are highlights from the National Park Service Park Wavelengths newsletter.

Photo by Jerry Ting