West Marin and Point Reyes Beaches Have Great Water Quality. Yeah, We Knew That….

The non-profit Heal the Bay’s 2007 California Summer Beach Report Card has been released, giving beachgoers water quality information at 494 monitoring locations, from Humboldt County to San Diego County.

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In California overall, 88% of the beaches received A grades.  This was the best water quality grade in recent memory, according to the report, which stated “record low rainfall this year, which limited polluted urban runoff in storm drain systems, played a major role in better water quality.”  [Editor’s note: Love clean beaches, but I’d trade for more rain.]

In Marin, 91% of the of 23 beaches received A scores, while in West Marin, all the beaches got As and most got A+s.

So what are you waiting for?  Jump in!

Report Overview
Marin Section of the Report