West Marin and Point Reyes is a Great Place to Review a Car

The Point Reyes area is such a magical place that you can find many many lovely descriptions of personal trips to the area. I ran across Automobile Magazine’s review of a new BMW and they ran the car up the West Marin. Here’s what they said:

To a native East Coaster used to seeing endless miles of tourist traps along the flat, visually uninteresting Atlantic shoreline, the Pacific Coast might as well be a Dalí painting. It is an improbable convergence of impossible geography: cows graze in flat meadows that end at the sea like infinity pools; wide-open hillsides become so steep you wouldn’t be able to stand on them; building-sized rocks jut proudly out of the water. And the road? Were it not for the several-hundred-foot drop into the cold water below, Route 1 could be a competition road course – a would-be racetrack with a stunningly picturesque backdrop, that is.

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Photo source: Automobile Magazine