What’s Going On in the Park: early Oct 2008

Here are some highlights from the National Park Service Park Wavelengths newsletter:

  • Young elephant seals have made an early appearance at Chimney Rock ; about 40 sub-adults (rowdy teenagers!) are on the beach practicing their wrestling and noisemaking skills in preparation for the winter breeding season
  • Humpback whale sightings off Limantour and Agate Beaches continue to delight visitors.  Look for their long curved fin and tails with white underneath to distinguish them.
  • Hikers and Bikers especially on the Bolinas Ridge Trail should be watchful of the beef cattle calving season; cows are very defensive of their calves and may stare and or approach if they feel threatened.
  • Numerous warblers are resting in the trees at the Fish Docks after last weekends storm – prothonotary, black polled, yellow rumped, and palm with a Downy woodpecker in the mix.