Wildflowers Peaking and Mother-Calf Whale Migration

What’s happening in the park in late April 2009.

  • The rains means more wildflowers! Chimney Rock is in peak condition, with the yellow Indian Paintbrush coming in. The pastures at Bear Valley are purple with tiny Sky Lupines. There are rumors of dogwood flowering on Bear Valley Trail.
  • Poison Oak is also enjoying a banner year – leaves of three let it be – it can be a shrub or a climbing vine.¬† Also, I teach my son “If it’s shiny, watch your hiney.”
  • Last of the grey whales moving north, the third phase of the annual movement is the mother and calf pairs passing the Lighthouse; a couple of pairs have been seen each day over the past week.
  • The first string enclosures to protect snowy plover nests are being put up on the Great Beach; nesting activities have been observed, so far, no eggs.

These are highlights from the National Park Service Park Wavelengths newsletter. Photo by Pat Ulrich.